Monday, September 6, 2010

The Plan

Here it is, tweaked, and defined:


All workout sessions will begin with 10 min. of light cardio and stretching.

Sun, Wed, Fri are lifting days. Mon will be a HIIT workout (with the RATB's).

Lifting workouts will alternate between an A and B workout:

Workout A:
Good Mornings
Plank Holds

Workout B:
Barbell Rows/Chinups (compound set)

At the close of each workout will be 40-60 min. of low-intensity cardio.

Diet and Nutrition:

A carb-cycling plan will be followed after nine initial days of 30g carbs/day. The tenth day will be a carb-loading day, which will happen every seventh day (Saturdays). All other days carbs will be kept to less than 30g/day, on lifting days this will be slightly higher (40g) to account for an induced insulin spike following the workout.

No food will be ingested until at least 3 hrs. after waking. Meals before workouts will be high in fat and protein, and void of carbs, carbs will only be taken following workouts. It's important to note that the purpose for ingesting carbs is not for their energy value, but to induce an insulin spike to effect an anobolic state.

A supplementation schedule will also be followed:

L-Carnitine will be taken in the morning

HMB and Fish Oil will be taken at meals

Protein shakes will be consumed post-workout on lifting days, and in the evening at approx. the same time on non-lifting days.

PWO shake:
100% Whey

non-PWO shake:
Oats & Whey

At bed a multivitamin/mineral, ZMA, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and Glucosamine will be taken.

This plan will be followed for the next seven months, unless changes dictate.

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