Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sleep Troubles

So I'm at the close of the first week of workouts. Discoveries: the addition of HIIT workouts is very beneficial, and my rep scheme was not well-conceived leaving volume to light, do not overdo it on amino acids or drink protein shakes too fast, melatonin don't do shit for me, wrist straps are necessary for shrugs, and the bar goes up under my junk when I do shrugs (TMI? idk, but it was very unexpected, exciting, and a little awkward all at the same time).

I updated my rep scheme on my post "Zero Hour". I am expanding my warmups and going to perform them with less rest between sets. Also, I am going to a 5x5 scheme for work sets on all major lifts except Deadlift, which is now 1x4 for work set. Also defined schemes for assistance lifts as well.

Started using supplements this week as well. Time will tell if they have any impact or not. The camp store (NEX) did not have any measuring spoons, so I had to use a plastic spoon from the chow hall. Well, I used a rounded teaspoon, as directed, but I think it was a little much. I got a nice little tummy ache after drinking the shake. I also drank it pretty fast, so that may have been a factor, along with all the other supplements all at once. Today, I used a plastic knife to level off the spoon in the mix, so, hopefully, my stomach will be more accepting of today's shake.

Not gonna post lifts until I get into the swing of it, which should be another week or two. I have been having trouble sleeping lately. Tried taking melatonin at the recommendation of another soldier, as I want to avoid sleeping pills, but it didn't do a fucking thing. I think I may need to visit the clinic...fuck!

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