Saturday, September 11, 2010

Zero Hour

Alright, it's time to get it on. I've already begun the diet process, tomorrow, Sep 12th, is the first day of workouts. Here is my schedule, which may seem a bit stilted, but having a routine here is not only a good thing, it's pretty unavoidable. If the times seem a bit odd, keep in mind that I work a 12hr shift from 13:00 to 01:00 (1pm to 1am for you civilian types):

Ten-week repeating cycle, first nine days are all ketogenic, >30 g carbs/day (non-lifting days) >40 g carbs/day (lifting days), the tenth day (Saturday) is a carb loading day with no restriction on carb intake. Weeks two through nine follow the same ketogenic limits with a carb-load day every Saturday. Finally, week ten is a complete break from all restrictions.

05:00 (wake)

16:30 - 17:00
high protein
high fat
no carb (no restriction on load days)
Fish Oil

19:00 - 21:00 (workout, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

post-workout shake* + carb (quick sugar)
evening shake** (non-lifting days)

00:00 - 00:30
high protein
moderate fat
no carb (no restriction on load days)
Fish Oil

04:00 - 04:30
peanut butter or whole nuts
Fish Oil

05:00 (bed)
Alpha Lipoic Acid

*post-workout shake:
whey protein

**evening shake:
oats & whey

Sunday, Wednesday, Friday are lifting days of alternating A/B workouts.

Rep scheme for all major lifts, except deadlift, is two warm-up sets of five (2x5) with empty bar, add weight at decreasing increments for three warm-up sets (1x5, 1x3, 1x2). Five sets of five will then be performed (5x5).

For deadlift, one warm-up set of four, 135lbs. (1x4), add weight at decreasing increments for one set of four, three times (1x4, 1x4, 1x4). One work set of four will then be performed (1x4). Note: these sets are split with alternating mixed grip (2x2 left-hand under, 2x2 right-hand under).

The scheme for the assistance exercises is as follows:

Workout A: two warm-up sets of five barbell rows with an empty bar (2x5), add weight for one set of five (1x5). Work sets are five sets of five (5x5). The plank holds and chinups will be performed as a compound set, plank holds at 35 sec. intervals and chinups to failure with slow negative.

Workout B: the shrugs start with two warm-up sets of five, 135lbs. (2x5), add weight at slightly decreasing increments for one set of five, three times (1x5, 1x5, 1x5). One work set of five will then be performed (1x5). Two warmup sets of ten with empty bar will start the good mornings, add a moderate amount of weight for five work sets of ten (5x10).

Workout A:
barbell rows
plank holds/chinups
30 min. low-intensity cardio

Workout B:
good mornings
30 min. low-intensity cardio

Mondays are HIIT workouts

"For as long as I can remember people hated me. They looked at my face and my body and they ran away in horror. In my loneliness I decided that if I could not inspire love, which is my deepest hope, I would instead cause fear. I live because this poor, half-crazed genius has given me life. He alone held an image of me as something beautiful and then, when it would have been easy enough to stay out of danger, he used his own body as a guinea pig to give me a calmer brain and a somewhat more sophisticated way of expressing myself."

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